Hi friend, Jessica here, the founder of "The Grounding Journey" and "WonderMom Circle"

There was a time in my life, not to long ago, that as a busy mother myself, Healthcare professional & wearing multiple hats, it was very easy to fall into anxiety, burnout, and even emptiness.

You cannot pour from an empty cup, right?

When I realized that I needed to find a way to uplift myself that could facilitate my roles, including being my own caregiver. I became a Student, Practitioner & Teacher of Yoga.

I no longer believe in allowing others to run/rule/dictate my life...I am in the driver seat now, and the road is my journey.

Using the tools of Yoga: Mindfulness, Meditation, Journaling, Physical Practice, Awareness, Connection & Community are the pillars that get to ride with me. Whenever Doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, overthinking, and the need for controlling try to jump in my ride, the essentials elements I have implemented in my days take care of these intruders.

Sounds familiar? Know that you are not alone, neither you or I, are meant to do it all alone. And I'm here to support you on your ride too!!

My life's purpose is to teach, inspire & empower mommies to love, care & nurture themselves, using the pillars I mentioned above.